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What’s Your Furniture Style?

At Claude Brown’s, we want to help you make your house a home. When it comes to furniture, let us help you determine your personal style so it’s easier for you to choose the pieces that you’ll not only love to use, but also love to look at. Below are some of the most common interior decorating styles (though not an exhaustive list) to help you choose the right look and feel of your future furniture.

  • Traditional. Traditional styles typically are calm, warm, and inviting, with the placement of furnishings and décor being symmetrical. According to Homemakers, “ornate details, rich wood tones, luxurious fabrics, and buttery leather” are often used in a traditional style. Old world details mixed with rich colors, as well as various textures and materials, create a sense of timelessness.
  • Casual. Typically, a casual look blends different styles together seemingly effortlessly. A common combination of styles is using both traditional and contemporary. It’s often defined as being bright, airy, laid back, and welcoming, with a “lived in” feel to it. It’s often described as being simple and classical. According to Homemakers, some aspects of casual furniture is “all about comfort” and includes things like “plush cushioning,” with details such as “recline mechanisms…cup holders and storage compartments.” Durable and family-friendly, casual is always in style.
  • Rustic. Quaint and lovingly worn, this is a popular style not just for cabins in the woods or lakeside getaways, but also for any home. Like casual design, rustic homes also feel “lived in,” and often include natural, distressed, scuffed, faded, and weathered looks throughout. Many people define a rustic style as having warmth and character, often bringing the outside world inside, with muted colors, iron, and copper. The popular farmhouse style falls into this category!
  • Contemporary. Contemporary style involves sleek, modern, and bold looks that tend to avoid decoration and instead make a dramatic statement, while still embracing a clean design. Often, it will mix textures and polished surfaces with neutral tones and simplicity. If keeping up with the latest trends is important to you, then know that natural materials are big right now, as well as minimal accessories.

Again, these are not the only furniture styles that exist, but they are the main ones in which other subcategories tend to fall into. Some other categories and subcategories include Victorian, neoclassical, antique, craftsman/arts & craft, modern, minimal, shabby chic, English country, French country, coastal, eclectic, vintage, transitional, mid-century modern, retro, and so on. Many people even come up with their own style (college student chic, anyone?), so don’t feel like you have to fit into any one box.

Still, quick guides like this can help our customers narrow down the look and feel they’re going for when it comes to choosing new furniture. So stop by Claude Brown’s today and see which furniture will best suit your style!