puppy on carpet needs stain remover

Pet Stain & Odor Remedies

Here at Claude Brown’s, we love our furry friends and family members! But no one loves pet stains and odors in their carpet or on their couches. Accidents can happen, especially when you’re trying to housebreak a puppy or litterbox train a kitten. Whether you have a beloved family pet already, are thinking of adding one to your family, or are moving into a new home with pet smells or stains left behind from former four-legged occupants, then this article is for you. The following tips will help get your carpet back to being fresh and clean in no time…and get you back to enjoying life with your fuzzy friend!

For New Stains:

  1. If the stain is still wet, then try to soak up as much of the urine as quickly as possible. Put several wet paper or cloth towels on the stain, and then add some weight to it. Add weight by placing a heavy book on the paper towels (lay down some tin foil or plastic wrap first to protect the book) or you can use your own weight by placing some newspaper on top of the wet towels and then standing on the newspaper. Leave this weight on the spot for several minutes. Repeat this step as needed until all the urine is soaked up.
  2. Once the urine is soaked up, rewet the area with a damp cloth or a spray bottle. It’s a good idea to wet the area outside of the stained area and then work your way towards the center. This helps keep any leftover urine contained to the area rather than spreading.
  3. Finally, spray the area with an enzyme spray. These sprays are non-toxic and help to break up the proteins left by the urine. This both helps to remove the odor and prevent your animal from urinating in the same spot next time. Enzyme sprays can be purchased at any pet, grocery, or retail store, but there are some decent homemade recipes as well (water, orange peels, and brown sugar is a common mixture!).
  4. Leave the enzyme sprayed area wet for a few hours, and then repeat Step 1 once again. Leave a heavy object on top of the area overnight; in the morning, the stain and the odor should be gone!
  5. Throw away the paper towels, or wash cloth towels two or three times to ensure that any leftover smells are gone.
  6. If for some reason, the stain or smell does not go away after using this technique, consider calling Claude Brown’s. We’ll gladly come steam clean your carpet for you, making it as good as new!

For Old Stains:

  1. If you suspect there may be old pet stains or notice smells in your home, locate the sources. Some common places might be under, behind, or on top of furniture. You can also use a blacklight to help locate these spots if needed. Once you find them, use painter’s tape or chalk to mark them.
  1. Once you’ve located the old stains, try an enzyme spray cleaner first. Wet the area with water, spray the enzymatic cleaner, and allow the spray to sit on it overnight (See Step 4 from the new stain section!).
  2. If the enzyme spray doesn’t do the trick, next you can purchase an odor neutralizing spray, along with a stain remover if necessary, from any pet or retail store. There are also several home remedies that can be tried, such as pouring and vacuuming up cold water over the stain, spraying baking soda mixed with vinegar, or using a toothbrush and a paste made of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap. However, research these methods before hand to make sure they work for your kind of carpet and situation.
  3. If none of these options work, you can once again contact us at Claude Brown’s for additional assistance!

There you have it: several tips on how to get rid of pet stains and odors before (or after) they become a problem. We want you and your family – even the four-legged members – to enjoy your home free of unwanted smells and stains!