Hard wood flooring and white rug

Benefits of Choosing Carpet

With the increasing popularity of hardwood flooring options, including laminate and vinyl, it may seem like carpet is becoming a thing of the past. But that’s simply not the case! Carpet remains an ever-popular choice for stairs, bedrooms, offices, schools, and living areas. According to The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), “carpet accounts for 51% of the total U.S. flooring market.”

It might be close, but it’s still the majority! Here are 8 reasons you ought to keep carpet at the top of your list when it comes to flooring choices.

1. Wide Selection. Do you want plush, Berber, Saxony, cable, or another texture entirely? How about white, gray, brown, blue, red, or neon green? Patterned or plain? Whatever your needs, wants, or decorating style, carpet has it all.

2. Sound Control. We’ve all experienced the creaks and squeaks of hardwood flooring. Carpet prevents this, absorbing noise up to 10 times more efficiently than other flooring, according to CRI.

3. Energy Saving. Carpet can cut down heating costs, as it retains warmth. An estimated “30 days heating can be saved, resulting in an energy saving of around 4-6%” according to the UK’s Carpet Information Center.

4. Budget Friendly. Carpet is typically cheaper than laminate flooring, and if properly maintained, has a long life expectancy. According to House Logic, the cost of carpet and installation typically runs somewhere between $300 and $700, while laminate and installation typically costs between $800 and $2,000.

5. Better Air Quality. Yes, you read that right! While carpet does in fact trap pollen, dust, allergens, pet hair, and so forth, the reality is that carpet prevents these from spreading to other areas of the house and keeping them out of the air. According to CRI, “studies have shown that people with asthma and allergy problems have seen symptoms improve with carpet.”

6. Comfort. Carpet is obviously softer than hardwood or laminate flooring, and therefore, it’s much more comfortable to sit, lie down, or play on. And let’s face it: there’s nothing like walking on soft, fluffy carpet on a cold winter day. (Don’t forget your warm beverage!)

7. Safety. Carpet reduces slipping, as well as injuries if a fall does occur. This is especially important for small children and older individuals.

8. Hides Imperfections. If the subflooring of your home or business has any irregularities, carpet will hide them much better than laminate will, making them much less noticeable even when walking directly on top of them.

We hope this quick guide has helped you on your flooring journey. Claude Brown’s is always here to help with any further questions!