Some outdoor furniture that needs care because they've been snowed on

Winter Care for Outdoor Furniture

We often think of winterizing our lawns and homes, but rarely do we consider winterizing our furniture. While most people know that outdoor furniture is not made for every season under the sun. Some may not always know how to properly winterize their outdoor furniture – especially if you have limited space! And just because a patio or deck is covered doesn’t mean your outdoor furniture is adequately protected from harsh weather. Keep your furniture warm and cozy during the cold months ahead. Here are some quick winter care tips for outdoor furniture:

  1. Clean your furniture.

    After getting tons of use after spring, summer, and the early days of fall, our outdoor furniture isn’t always looking its best. Before winterizing it, the first step is to simply clean your pieces up. Spray them off or wipe them down using an all-purpose cleanser and a cleaning cloth. This way you prevent any dirt or moisture from producing any mold or mildew during the winter months. It’s a good idea to clean any cushions or fabric-covered pieces as well. If the fabric is removable, simply run it through the wash. If you’re unable to remove it, use a mixture of disinfectant and water to scrub them clean. Remember to let everything dry before putting it away!

  2. Invest in a winter coat!

    Even our furniture benefits from a coat in the cold weather. Consider applying a protective wax coating on any pieces or parts made with aluminum or plastic and use paste wax for wicker furniture. If your metal pieces are rusting, use a wire brush to remove the rust and then use a silicone sealant spray to touch those spots up.

  3. Cover up.

    Even if you’re storing your outdoor furniture in the garage or the shed, it’s a good idea to cover them with a piece-specific cover or a tarp. Covers prevent dust, debris, and damage from affecting your pieces while in storage. You can find inexpensive furniture covers at local retailers, home improvement stores, and online that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles…some even cover multiple pieces, such as stacking chairs, which save you space and money!

  4. Storage solutions.

    Depending on your available space, it may not be possible to store your outdoor pieces inside, whether in a garage, attic, basement, or a shed. If you can’t store your pieces indoors, be sure to invest in furniture covers and outdoor storage bins or boxes. If you can bring your pieces indoors, this is the best option to protect your furniture. Finally, you can always ask a friend, relative, or neighbor to help you store your pieces if desired.

Follow these simple steps to keep your patio furniture safe and secure during the cold months, and get ready for rest and relaxation in the warm ones!