snow boots on a white carpet

Health Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

While keeping your carpets clean is beneficial for the appearance of both your home and the carpet itself, there’s another benefit to keeping your carpets cleaned: health! You may not realize it, but carpet can play a major role in the overall health of your home and your family. Here are three major health benefits of getting your carpet professionally cleaned:

Eliminates trapped pollutants. While it’s true that carpet traps pollutants, keeping them out of the air and thus improving air quality in one’s home, it’s also true that over time if not properly cleaned, these same pollutants (such as allergens, pet dander, chemical residue, and so on) can get so embedded into the carpet that they can pose a potential health risk. As we walk through our homes, these pollutants can spread. Vacuuming helps but vacuuming alone is not usually enough to get rid of these entirely, so professional carpet cleaning is vital.
Eliminates dust mites. Many homeowners experience a dust mite infestation but never know about it. (Yuck!) Dust mites are microscopic creatures that can leave behind feces and pieces of their bodies (double yuck!) that can make someone’s allergies flare up if inhaled. Professional carpet cleaners will steam clean your carpets, a method that uses high temperatures that dust mites can’t survive in.
Eliminates possible mold. Carpet is always at risk of growing mold if moisture (whether the result of weather or spillage) does not get taken care of immediately. If not cleaned up and dried immediately, spills and other causes of moisture can and will get embedded into the carpet, and if not properly cleaned, can lead to mold. Professional cleaners will use a high-powered drying tool to deal with this potential problem.

If these benefits of professional carpet cleaning struck a chord with you, consider calling Claude Brown’s today for our quality carpet cleaning services!