cleaning carpet with enzymes

How to Clean Carpet Using Enzymes

Cleaning is a part of most households’ daily routine to some degree. A utility room, cleaning cabinet, or under-the-sink spot for cleaning supplies can usually be found in most living spaces. Most average households have a small collection of commercial cleaning products, and these are fine for everyday cleaning. Sometimes, you’ll need more specific products for truly thorough cleaning. This is where enzyme products come in.

What Are Enzymes?

Enzymes are chemical compounds that break down substances for them to be more easily removed, such as difficult stains or odors that have gotten embedded into fabric. For the scientifically-minded out there, think proteases, amylases, and lipases!

Many people mistake enzymes and bacteria for being the same thing. This is not true however. Enzymes are catalysts created by bacteria, but they are very different. Bacteria is living and can be destroyed. Enzymes on the other hand are not living (contrary to what many assume) and, while they can be inactive at certain temperatures, they can’t be killed like bacteria – again, because they’re not living. Once the desired temperature returns, they will work properly again. Therefore, they’re great as cleaners.

What Can Enzymes Clean?

Many spot or odor-removal cleaners are enzyme-based. They are most commonly those that remove pet stains or odors. These cleaners work hard to break down the stain itself so that it can be rinsed away. Thoroughly cleaned other stains using an enzyme-based cleaning product. These stains include blood, food, wine, oils, grease, and starches.

Another great aspect of enzymes’ cleaning property is that they can be just as affective on old stains and odors as they are on fresh ones, and this is a major selling point if you’re buying a used car or a house in need of fixing up.

What Kind of Products Do You Find Enzymes In?

Often enzymes are in powder form, especially if stain or odor removal is the intended use. However, they can also come in cleaning solutions that are similar in consistency to a lotion; these types of enzyme-based products are best for oil or grease stains.

There are some enzyme-based cleaning products that are sold as additives that can be used in other, non-enzymatic cleaning products, but most are sold in ready-to-use cleaners or as a concentrate.

How to Clean Using Enzymes

When using the lotion-like, preconditioning enzyme cleaners, know that these are usually the products that require the proper temperature if they’re to be active, so keep note of that if using them. Also, be sure to rinse it out completely before it dries.

As mentioned, enzymes can also remove odors. When using these types of enzyme-based cleaners, it’s important to keep the area wet for a long period of time – sometimes up to several hours! So, use a lot of the product to completely cover and drench the area in need of cleaning. It may look like you’re making it worse, but it’s necessary.

We hope this article helps you understand the cleaning products in your home a little better, and if you’re not having luck removing stains or odors with the products you already have, consider purchasing an enzyme-based cleaner. If you ever have any questions, feel free to call your local professionals at Claude Brown’s – we’d be happy to help with all of your carpet cleaning needs!