Carpet being cleaned by a profession carpet cleaner

Carpet Maintenance Tips

Taking care of carpet may seem like a no-brainer to many people: vacuum regularly, shampoo occasionally. But there are definitely a few other things to keep in mind to make sure your carpet stays in shape. Consider these following tips when caring for your carpet from now on:

Clean up spills ASAP! It might seem like common sense, but sometimes, spills (especially ones that don’t stain like water, lemonade, or clear soda) can be forgotten if not dealt with quickly. Do your best to clean up spills right away, and to clean them correctly. (See our quick guides for cleaning up wine and pet stains!)
Invest in a good vacuum. Trust us – it’s worth it. Begin setting some money aside for one if your budget doesn’t allow for you to purchase one right away. If you simply can’t afford a high-quality vacuum, then be sure to do your research before simply buying the cheapest vacuum. A good vacuum can make all the difference.
Empty your vacuum container regularly. Don’t wait until it’s at its max. Shoot for emptying it at or just over the halfway mark. Not all vacuums have bags anymore, but if yours does, be sure to switch them out regularly.
Clean top to bottom. Before you vacuum, dust the blinds, lights, fans, and furniture first. That way, any extra dirt or particles that don’t get cleaned up will be vacuumed up, instead of having to vacuum a second time.
Pay special attention to high-traffic, high-soil areas. Put down mats where people or pets frequent, such as any doors outside or to the garage. Clean these mats regularly. Vacuum these areas daily, if possible.
Don’t try to vacuum or pull out loose carpet yarn. This can cause further damage. Use scissors or a box-cutter to cut the loose piece to be even with the rest of the carpet.
If possible or desired, rearrange the furniture every now and then. Heavy furniture that sits in the same place for years on end can leave permanent marks in carpet.
Get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. This is a good rule of thumb. Renting or buying a shampooer is wise for those random times throughout the year that you might need some extra cleaning, but there’s nothing like a professional clean to really freshen up your home. (Call Claude Brown’s today if it’s been a while since your last professional cleaning!)