pet hair removal

6 Quick Ways to Remove Pet Hair in Your Home

We’ve previously addressed the common concern of homeowners and pet lovers alike: how to get pet stains and odors our of fabric and carpet. But another common problem also plagues pet-friendly families, and that’s the issue of pet hair. Pet fur can wind up any and everywhere, and in places you wouldn’t even expect. Vacuuming is great, especially if you have a high-quality vacuum designed specifically for pet hair. But here are some lesser known tips and tricks for removing pet hair from carpets, floors, and furniture that are sure to leave you and your pet happy at home!

Pumice Stone

You can find these in most cleaning aisles, and while they’re often associated with cleaning porcelain or kitchenware, they’re great for gathering up Fido’s fur! Scrape the pumice stone gently along the carpet, and you’ll be amazed at how much fur will come up as a result.

Lint Roller

This is a classic for good reason: it works! While it won’t necessarily deep clean the area, it’s going to get the bulk of what’s on the surface with just a quick roll or two. These are great for just before company comes over, or for everyday hair control. They also work great on clothes! They even make bigger ones with long handles, specifically for pets. (Don’t want to spend money on those pricey lint roll refills? Just roll packing tape in a circle, sticky side out, and get the same effect for half the price!)

Grooming & De-shedding Gloves

Purchase these gloves online or at your local pet retailer and watch them work their magic. These help in getting loose hairs off of your pet itself. All you need to do is put on the glove and start petting your dog. That’s it – it’s that simple! The great thing about these gloves is that any loose hair that falls to the ground or furniture after petting your pup can be picked up with the same motion using the glove.

Rubber Gloves

Gloves are great when it comes to picking up pet hair! If you don’t want to spend the money just yet on the grooming gloves, a basic pair of household rubber gloves will do the trick. Grab a basic pair of rubber dish gloves, get them barely damp (or even just keep them dry) and start rubbing the area that you want to rid of pet hair. Doing this creates static and pulls the hair right up, making it easy to grab.

Dryer Sheets

Another trick for getting hair straight from the source: you pet! Take a dryer sheet and rub you pet’s coat. The sheet will pick up loose hairs in a pinch and keep them off the carpet or couch.

Household Cleaners

Use a furniture polish for cleaning up pet hair from wooden furniture. Spray the surface and use a soft cloth to wipe it down. These sprays tend to be anti-static so it will prevent any electric charge, making it easier to pick the hairs up. If you’re trying to remove hair from upholstered furniture, mix some water and fabric softener in a spray bottle, spritzing your furniture and then wiping off.