blue chair and small table in front of a brick wall

12 Furniture Trends for 2019

It’s true that trends come and go, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider them when picking out new furniture for your space! Here are the fabulous furniture trends coming up next year.

  1. Velvet. Yes, velvet’s comeback is spilling over from fashion into furniture, particularly for sofa, pillows, and accent chairs. Choose a bold color like violet, cobalt, mustard, emerald, or fuchsia for a bold and trendy pop of color.
  2. Natural Wood & Earthy Tones. Wood instantly creates warmth, and while cooler tones have been trendy for several years now, warmth is being welcomed back! Earthy toned furniture – browns, tans, and greens – are the perfect color choice for your couches and lounge chairs, while natural and neutral woods are the material of choice for tables, dining chairs, end tables, and bookshelves. (Pair with white or cream-colored walls for a bright and earthy space!)
  3. Concrete Furniture. It’s not as crazy – or cold – as it sounds. Concrete-topped coffee tables, for example, create a cool and industrial feel without being too out-of-place, and concrete accents are starting to pop up everywhere from lamps to 
  4. Sun-Bleached Wood. While previously an undesirable effect of sun damage on wood, it’s now a growing trend in furniture such as bookshelves, TV stands, hutches, and tables, kicking its trendy predecessor – weathered gray – from the top spot.
  5. Mustard Yellow Accents. No longer just a fall color, mustard yellow, as well as other muted shades of golds, oranges, and yellows are perfect for an accent chair or ottoman. They add a perfect pop of warmth to any space.
  6. X-Shaped Base. Tables, chairs, and other seating forms are losing their legs and having them replaced with crisscrossed bases instead. It’s a cool, classic, and contemporary design that comes in a variety of design materials and adds a bit of excellence to any space.
  7. Metallic Finishes. Furniture with metallic legs or framing is the perfect way to bring a modern, industrial feel to any space. One source says to a great way to try this trend out is “to start with a curved silhouette that balances the hard quality of the material.” Also making a comeback are gold and brass finishes!
  8. Painted Furniture. This has been on trend for a while now, with the popularity of both the farmhouse look and the shabby-chic décor style, and it’s still going strong! You can paint an old piece of wooden furniture within a hour or so – all you’ll really need is some sandpaper, paintbrushes, primer, and interior latex paint. Metal furniture can also be updated simply by using metal-friendly spray paint. Remember to allow any painting projects to dry for at least 24 hours before using again.
  9. Tranquil Pieces. Inspired by many Asian cultures, furniture that evokes a calming effect is all the rage. Clean lines, natural colors, soft textures, and round hardware are perfect for creating Zen right in your home!
  10. Dressers or Desks as Nightstands. Using a small desk or dresser in lieu of a nightstand gives you more storage space, and often makes for a sturdier bedside table. Design experts advise not using a piece that is higher than the mattress by 1 or 2 inches.
  11. Ghost Chairs. A ghost chair’s name comes from the clear, polycarbonate material it’s made from. Yes – you can actually see through it! While it may look cool and unique, it also serves the purpose of making a space seem bigger, while not taking away from the ability to fit everyone around the table.
  12. Indoor Wicker Seating. It’s not just for the patio anymore! Wicker chairs, loveseats, and ottomans are a perfect addition to your living space. They add a familiar, comfortable, relaxed look and feel, and help you and your guests feel right at home. White hues add some brightness to any space, while brown tones fit right in with the increasingly popular natural, earthy feel. Be sure to add a few smaller wicker pieces, such as baskets or bowls, to make it look and feel more intentional and pull the space together.