Claude Brown’s realizes the importance of having a property which is ready to sell. We understand the difficulties in selling or renting a property with “dirty” carpet and vinyl.

We are here to help! Claude Brown’s is the ONLY carpet cleaning business with a full Flooring division and the ONLY flooring store with a full service Carpet Cleaning division. Here is how it works:

-Call Claude Brown’s for a FREE Carpet Cleaning or Carpet Replacement Estimate. We will send out our Field Supervisor to come and give you a FREE estimate for a Carpet Inspection. Our Field Supervisor will walk you through the property and answer any questions you have regarding the cleaning process. He will walk you through of the importance of having your carpets cleaned and protected for the future. We have special pricing for realtors and property managers.

-If you are having trouble deciding if the carpets can be cleaned or need to be replaced, let Claude Brown’s help. Claude Browns offers the ability to answer that question. Call Claude Brown’s to have your carpets cleaned to the best of their ability. If the client is not completely satisfied, then Claude Browns can replace your old flooring with new flooring. Claude Brown’s will take the cost of the cleaning and deduct it from the purchase of the new flooring.

-After you replace your new carpets, let Claude Brown’s take care of your floors. Always free estimates!