Claude Brown’s Carpet Cleaning is a local, family owned business. Since 1978, the staff at CBCC has been proudly serving the residents of Magic Valley and beyond. CBCC offers a number of cleaning services for both residential and commercial customers.

Our highly trained staff of cleaning technicians are licensed and bonded. CBCC has the only carpet cleaning technicians in Twin Falls certified by the Clean Trust. We offer free estimates and are committed to getting the job done right.  At Claude Brown’s Carpet Cleaning, your satisfaction is our business!

Free Estimates

If you have specific cleaning services in mind, we offer free estimates on the work. A professional will stop by your home or business and give you a cost estimate of all the work you need done.

Carpet Cleaning Service

We shampoo rugs for maintenance and stain removal. This will restore your carpet to almost new condition.

Our products are gentle and do not leave a strong scent behind and they dry quickly so you can walk on the carpet again shortly. We do thorough work on the entire surface area of one room or several rooms.

Tile Cleaning Service

To keep your floor or shower walls looking clean, we offer tile cleaning.

This removes mold and mildew from the crevices, removes soap scum, and clean bacteria, product residue, and dirt from the tile to make them sparkling clean again. This will freshen up the entire room.

Upholstery Cleaning Service

Claude Brown’s upholstery cleaning service removes deep set dust, pet hair, and stains from couches, chairs, ottomans, loveseats, and sectionals.

Get your living room clean and ready for family and guests again.

Carpet Stretching and Repair

For carpeting that is just a little too small for the corners of a room or that has shrunk from temperature extremes, we offer carpet stretching and repair.

If you have minor tears, holes, cracks in the base, or loose fibers on your carpet, we also do carpet repair so you don’t have to replace your carpet.

Area Rug Cleaning Service

We also clean your area rugs with industrial strength shampoo and cleaning agents.

It can be cumbersome to put these in a washing machine and dryer at home, so we have the professional washing and drying machines to get the job done. Your area rugs will be spotless and soft again when we are finished.

Odor Removal Service

If smoke, pet urine, mildew, or another funky smell is giving your carpet a nasty odor, we can remove this will powerful cleaning substances.

We will make sure the smell is gone and know specific products to use to remove the specific cause of the odor.

Water Restoration Service

Claude Brown’s knows it can be devastating to experience water damage in your home. This can affect flooring, furniture, tile, and carpeting. We can often restore water damaged items after a flood or natural disaster so you can resume use of these areas and items and don’t have to replace everything.

We can clean mold, mildew, and water logged items with powerful cleaning agents to get them clean and smelling fresh again. We can also dry out areas with industrial vacuums and fans that draw the moisture out, airing out the area and evaporating moisture. We can also pump out water from flooded areas to restore your basement or other area of your home. For hard surfaces such as flooring, we mop and dry the area to get rid of the water. We also remove any debris such as rocks, leaves, and branches that may have floated in during the flood or storm. Let us ease the stress of your water damage and restore as much of your belongings as possible.

We run a truck mounted, steam extraction with top of the line equipment. Claude Brown’s Carpet Cleaning has five fleets, each assembled with two certified and trained technicians to assure you the quality of service that you deserve.